19 Blakenhale Road

I was born at the Marston Green Maternity Hospital, Birmingham, England, on August 19, 1951. Along with so many other children, my birth promised a more peaceful world and the chance at family life and prosperity. England was in the midst of the post-war economic boom that promised steady employment and prosperity to those willing …

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Our House

The place was all wrong from the start. You need to know that. To begin with, it was precisely the kind of place I vowed to never live in. In my teens, I declared, “I don’t want to live in the suburbs, married with 2.1 children and driving a Volvo.” To be fair, the Volvo …

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I was surprised to hear that they had completed the crossing. Well nearly. The point is, I hadn’t learned until they were well on their way that they were going. Or at least that Dan was going with him. I was there when Dan helped load the van with everything Mark owned. I stayed on …

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Bagot Court

Daniel sat in a summer chair propped against the wall, his face partially in the shadow of the eave of a row of townhouses and he saw them coming; their faces contorted in jeers and taunts. His body tensed and before he could restrain himself, he let out a groan. ” Hey limey, you think …

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