Barry Cull


Barry Cull, 2017

Meet the Author

Barry Cull is the author of short stories and creative non-fiction. He has submitted his writing to several literary magazines and journals including; Poached Hare, Dreamers, Ageless Authors, Stardust Review, and The New Quarterly. He is presently seeking an agent to assist with the publication of his work. If interested please contact Barry at Send mail.


Barry is a retired child and family therapist and professor of psychology living in Waterloo, Canada. He enjoys spending time in the company of family and friends and doting on his two exceptional grandsons when they are not attending grade two and kindergarten. The rest of his time is spent making beer and bread, reluctantly gardening, getting into his canoe on the wild rivers in Canada’s north and camping out in the wilderness for days on end. To the amazement of many, he recently spent two weeks on the Wind River in the Yukon and survived.

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